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  • Kathryn Alston, MS & CAGS

    Kathryn is Passionate about her work as a marriage and family therapist. It was quite a departure from a business career in the corporate environment where she spent 20 years. But after having a child with a medical disability Kathryn had to put herself on hold and focus on her child. Kathryn quickly learned the need for those that experience challenges and difficulties to have a strong advocate and support system. This led Kathryn to pursue a master’s degree in special education. As she was completing her internship with families in crisis she began to see the importance of family support and the need to provide validation and enhancement of relationships. Particularly for those who experienced life challenges and traumatic events. Kathryn began to realize that things don’t necessarily exist only within the individual but within the greater relational system that they are a part of.

    It was then that she decided to pursue a master’s and an advanced graduate certificate in marriage and family studies. After working for a decade in marriage family counseling, she saw the importance of individuals to focus on themselves holistically. Particularly women who experience significant stress as they raise their families or pursue their careers. Kathryn added a holistic approach to her work by training in wellness coaching which she does through the Chopra center. Kathryn firmly believes that

    we can resolve our individual trauma through the process of support and enhancement of self with internal work and improved relationships.

    In her personal time Kathryn enjoys being with her family. Kathryn has been known to binge watch design shows and true crime. She loves the sunshine state and will take a ride to Florida whenever she has the chance.