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    Coaching Services


    We all have an individual gift that we bring to the world. This gift is sometimes hidden in our own self-limiting beliefs. And we often aren’t aware of or don’t know what that gift is or how to use it. Through coaching you are able to assess what is holding you back or what is holding you down.

    A good coach can help you identify what gifts you bring to the table, how you want to use them, and how to bring them out. Through these steps you can maximize your potential and bring more joy into your life. When you find what you love to do the days become lighter, you look forward to them, and the opportunity you have to showcase your individual talents. This is also true for those who are seeking clarity on their career.

    Whether you are looking to move up in what you do now or completely make a life change a coach can support you through that process. In the case of high performers, it is often Internal doubts or hesitations that impact the full realm of possibilities and potential. A coach that understands your skill set and the psychology behind success can open new doors to what you can achieve and how you feel doing it.

    Our Packages

    Let’s work together to get you where you want to be. Whether you want to bring more joy, excel to the next level, change your life path, or reduce stress, and improve wellness one of our coaching packages is right for you. 

    Personal Development Life Coaching

    6 Sessions - $1200 

    8 Sessions - $1500

    Recommended frequency 2 to 4 sessions per month. Sessions are online or in-person locally. 

    Personal development is for everyone. Whether you are a high performing executive or athlete or are stressed in a unfulfilling routine let us co-create the life you want. 

    Meditation Coaching

    4-hour program - $499

    4 One-hour sessions to begin or enhance your mediation practice.  Learn a personal mantra and begin to receive the health and wellness benefits of mediation. 

    Total Health Coaching

    4 Week program - $1,000

    Invest in yourself by learning the ancient traditions of Ayurveda to create a perfect balance. Focus on what we can bring in to balance your physical, mental, and spiritual health. See yourself in perfect health as you were meant to be and live one with the universe.