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    Family Therapy

    In family therapy we recognize that the family is an operational system. Every member and every action contribute to this system. What we do is use family systems theories to assess and identify how we can improve family relationships and interactions. This can be difficult for families to understand that every action has a reaction and that each member’s feelings are interwoven. When we work on these interactions, communication, and problem-solving skills we improve the experience and create positive change.

    Every family is different, and we strongly feel that not any one member can carry or destroy a successful system. Together we develop a shared vision where each member is validated and sees how they are connected to each other and how they can differentiate to feel the true joy that is founded in a family.

    Returning to the idea that no one individual is a problem this is an area where we work with behavioral techniques to support parents through parent training for those who may feel that their child is demonstrating problematic behaviors. When a parent comes to treatment willing to willing to work on themselves and their child, they understand that specific techniques and small changes can make a big impact on a child’s problematic behavior. When we look at problematic behavior in the context of a system it is much easier to adapt those behaviors to support higher functioning.