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    Couples and Marital Counseling

    Here we draw from the premise that coupling, intimate partner relationships, and marriage require that we that we pay attention to and work on our relationships. We recognize that this can be the most rewarding and fulfilling relationship and also that there are times when we are better apart.

    We utilize evidence-based theories and relational interventions to assess the goals for the relationship and then teach the skills to develop the relationship no matter where that relationship exists in time. We support each partner to develop these skills to love and be loved.

    We also support individuals in the need to resolve past trauma or childhood circumstances that need to be nurtured. When we are able to start with a clean slate and begin our repair and rebuilding process together, we can find more joy in our relationships. There is nothing compared to what you gain from a supportive partner(s).

    This includes a fulfilling intimate and sexual part of your relationship. Many relationships suffer needlessly from a partner feeling their needs are not met and they are not physically satisfied. This often manifests into other problems that lead to conflict, resentment, and strain. Sexual health and satisfaction should be a source of joy in romantic relationships. We work to improve communication, understanding, and work on behaviors within and outside of the sexual space to lead to increased satisfaction for both partners.