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    Holistic Wellness

    When you feel disconnected, anxious, inattentive, bored, disconnected, sad, or stressed you may have a mind body imbalance. When your mind and body are in sync those feelings may decrease and you have room for joy, gratitude, and a general feeling of content. Our wellness programs follow Chopra training in the great tradition of Ayurveda and the wisdom in the lineage of great teachers of nutrition, meditation, and yoga principles. These principles support a union in your mind and body meeting you where you are now. Learning these principles can enhance your wellness as you add time honored traditions such as meditation and nutritional practices to your routine.

    In meditation we focus on teaching you primordial sound mantras. Repeating a unique mantra that is unique and connects you to the vibration of the earth at the time you were born. This eliminates the fear that you can’t mediate, you can’t stop your thoughts, you have no patience, or simply are hesitant to meditate at all. You will learn to experience the mental and physical benefits to meditation without the intimidation of meditating the “right way.” We will support you to develop your own meditation practice and feel that release of stress every day.

    Ayurveda nutrition focuses on eating a rainbow of foods. We help you develop an understanding of yourself and foods that work for you. There is no medical claims or diets here just adding healthy practices to what you do now. We support you with individual or group classes that are packaged to deliver you the knowledge you need.