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  • Damien Alston, LMHC

    Damien began his Individual mission to help people find their fullest potential very early in his career. It was in his own life that coaches and mentors gave him what he needed to reach his goals. The desire to be of service to youth facing difficulties led him to work in residential treatment settings. Most times those children were facing incredible odds at being successful in their home and in their communities. Damien continually noted a theme with those he worked with and that was a lack of validation and support. He saw that most of those people were not living to their full potential. And worse were not experiencing joy or happiness in their situations. After a decade working in the residential treatment setting Damien felt that he that he could bring more and find more success working with those individuals in a closer individual and relational setting.

    Wanting to meet people where they were at brought him to work in the children’s behavioral health initiative program for the state of Massachusetts. In this program youth and families are paired with mentors and trainers to optimize their experience with their families and within themselves. It was a natural progression for him to explore a master’s program and then licensure in mental health counseling. This compliments the strategies he uses to get the most from themselves and their life experience.

    Along with his work in behavioral health sciences Damien is a passionate athlete and has enjoyed coaching life-balance to NCAA level athletes. His work is to support them in the demands that are placed on themselves and guide them to materialize all of the hard work and efforts it takes to produce at such a high level. Damien has also taken these skills and applied them to career counseling clients some who have gone on to opening their own successful businesses. In his free time Damien enjoys being with his family playing basketball and coaching his own sons. Always a competitor he can often be found on the golf course.